Our work

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Our primary focus is on individuals and families who are looking to transition into permanent housing, by furnishing their house with all necessary items, and turning it into a welcoming home for free. We use donations from the community to make this happen.

Meals of Hope

We serve the needy of Providence by serving Meals of Hope every Tuesday at Cathedral Square in downtown.

We host an annual banquet-style luncheon for the needy of RI every fall called the "Giving Back" Event.  This came about when resettled refugees wanted to help the community that helped them by giving back to those even less fortunate than them.

This is in partnership with another great local organization MAE Organization for the Homeless.

Refugee Support

As refugees have been coming into Rhode Island we have been helping them get acclimated in their new homes. We try to make sure they feel at home when they arrive.

We have a few different programs for refugee assistance that make sure when they come to RI they have a hot meal and a safe warm bed waiting as well as longer term support they might need as they get acclimated.

COVID Relief

As our community deals with affects of the COVID 19 virus we are working to make things easier for our neighbors and fellow community members that are homebound and in need of assistance. We started a program to help with deliveries for groceries and medication. You can checkout out the program at CovidHelpRI.