Who are we?

Americans Helping Others ProspEr (AHOPE) is a volunteer based organization that was established to assist new Syrian and other refugees coming to Rhode Island with little to their name. We are dedicated to helping families integrate into American society. AHOPE is an entirely volunteer based organization. Our members range from students to professionals, all dedicated to helping develop prosperous Rhode Island communities.

While our current focus is on assisting Syrian and other refugee families coming in to Rhode Island, as our name states, we hope to expand our organizational efforts to help all those in need in the greater Rhode Island community.

What do we do?

We are currently in the process of helping many refugee families coming into Rhode Island from war torn areas. Arrival to the US may signal an end to the hardships they knew, but entry into this country is just a stepping stone to building a new life. With nothing but the clothes on their backs, these migrants have to start from the ground up. That’s where we come in to help. Providing them with living essentials such as furniture, linens, kitchenware and utensils upon arrival. Next step is providing them with tools and skills to become self-sufficient and active members of society. This includes helping them gain access to internet, transportation, job training and home visits to instill a feeling of community.

Since its inception 6 months ago, A HOPE has been able to help over 30 families (>150 people) resettle in RI. As the year progresses, a rapid spike in the number of refugees arriving in our state is expected. There is a critical need for fast action, so we are planning ahead to effectively facilitate these new arrivals.