The Mentoring Program

Want to help a refugee family get acclimated to RI?

Once refugee families arrive in RI and begin to settle in, several things become apparent immediately: they don’t know about nearby grocery stores or laundromats, they’re not accustomed to the US currency, they don’t know how to open a bank account or where the banks are, nor the parks or the coffee shops, etc etc, you get the picture.

With the Mentoring Program, you (and/or your family) have a unique opportunity to tend to some of the refugee family’s social needs. For example, as a mentor, you might:

Bottom line: your goal is NOT to do things for them, rather to teach them the “system,” so they can become independent and valuable members of the American society.

Currently, most refugee families live in Providence. If you would like to volunteer as a mentor, please contact us. Given the current political climate, you may be asked to provide a personal reference.

And remember, your assistance is more than just a hope, it’s their future! We thank you.